​​“Publicity is the very soul of justice. . . . It keeps the judge himself, while trying, under trial.” 

There are updates to the LAWSUIT and COURT & JURY FINDINGS pages reflecting the latest judgment that was handed down on 12.23.19.  Be sure and check it out!  Sadly, more of the same Tempworks Principals 'not credible' and Tempworks "grabbing" client money.

If you ask Tempworks about this site, you are likely to hear that it was created by "a funding client" who "was a credit risk" or "was someone we thought was too much of a risk" to work with. Maybe worse. They've already tried that in court.  It was determined by the court to be not true.  Check out the "COURT & JURY FINDINGS" page.


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They want me to go away!  

I refused to sign this ridiculous document.  So they sued me.

ARA, Inc. - the factoring and funding arm of TempWorks - is now Lone Oak Payroll.

This is the same TempWorks brand.  Their resume includes:

  • Has been the defendant or plaintiff in 30 lawsuits (and counting) 
  • CEO David Dourgarian found liable for defamation with malice against a client
  • CEO David Dourgarian found liable for making false statements against a client
  • CEO David Dourgarian found by IRS to have moved money from a client account to his company's account and ordered to return it
  • Breached contract by "grabbing" $71,530.21 of client's money without justification
  • CEO David Dourgarian found 'not credible' under oath TWICE!
  • President Casey Kraus found 'not credible' under oath TWICE!
  • COO Marie Kautzman found 'not credible" under oath
  • CFO Maria Dourgarian-Bracy found "not credible" under oath
  • In-House Counsel John Reid found "not credible" under oath
  • ​COO Marie Kautzman found liable for making false statements against a client
  • TMS Staffing CEO Doug Greene found liable for making false statements against a client

Take it from Lone Oak Payroll National Sales Manager Jack Terrana: 

On Friday, July 31, 2015 at 8:50 AM, Jack Terrana wrote: -------------------- Thank you Dave. Funny how TW has been in funding for so short a period of time yet have made so many enemies. 

(When Mr. Terrana was working for Advance Funding, while explaining his commentary regarding a LInkedIn article I penned about the dishonesty and lack of ethics at TempWorks)

Jack Terrana 5:21 PM ..................The comment was basically a defense of the industry, or at least a defense of the companies (most of us) that are ethical."




Welcome to the Beware of TempWorks site.  Whether you found us researching recruiting software, staffing software, applicant tracking system, payroll services, factoring companies, invoice factoring or found us because you are  considering partnering with any of these TempWorks companies:



 I URGE you to read this site in its entirety prior to signing any contract or agreement!  ​

This site exists to give you the very thing so many of TempWorks' victims didn't have - the complete information upon which to make the best  decision for our businesses.  

My experience led me to research the TempWorks brand.  I was simply unprepared for what I learned.  This site is not merely my opinion!  Here you can read the court findings of Minnesota judges and Minnesota juries who have found TempWorks, TempWorks President & CEO and many other TempWorks Executives GUILTY of egregious acts toward their clients!

My Message to You

Are you considering opening your own staffing company or looking for software and/or funding?  I was, too.

Are you considering turning your dream over to TempWorks?  I did.

They said all the right things in the sales process.  Casey Kraus could not have been nicer and more supportive.  He turned me over to Bob Pugliano.  Although he gave my colleague the 'used car salesman' vibe, I thought he was nice.  He assured me that TempWorks had everything under control.   No problems.  They work with hundreds of agencies.  I was a little start-up.  Easy stuff.

I signed the contract.  I provided all of my financial information to them.  I on-boarded for months.  I set up my database.  I trained on the software.  I traveled to set up my satellite locations.  I had employees.  I had clients.  I was less than 6 business days away from realizing a dream that I had for over 10 years!  This was actually happening!


Then they couldn't print a certificate of insurance on Monday.  Still couldn't on Tuesday.  Still couldn't on Wednesday, but it was all being handled by Bob.  No big deal.  Minor oversight.  Thursday came and went with no resolution.  C'mon, all you have to do is put the client's name on it and email it to me.  The client has already been approved by Ashley Brace.  Friday morning Bob said Mari Kautzman handled it the night before.  Mauri Kautzman said Friday she was waiting for Bob to handle it.  David Dourgarian didn't have a clue about anything.  

And then I got this on Friday afternoon

I did call him with a question.  One question.  "Why are you not moving forward with me?"

His answer was that he had not been told.  One last lie to add to the list.  Pathetic. 

And that's the last time anyone from TempWorks ever spoke to me.  They wouldn't even give me an explanation.

Look at all the cases in the lawsuits page.  Read my story and the story of so many others.  Is this the best you can do for your dream?

Feel free to reach out to me.  I will be more than happy to answer any questions:

David Stemm, CEO

Principle Personnel Group

O 772.291.2934   M 270.535.9198