12/23/19  Minnesota District Court, Judge Ronald L Abrams

  • Breach of Contract against (Tempworks) for withholding $71,530.21 from (client)
  • CEO David Dourgarian not credible
  • President Casey Kraus not credible
  • In-House Legal Counsel John Reid not credible
  • CFO Maria Dourgarian-Bracy not credible

PLEASE be sure and read how CEO Dourgarian directed CFO Dourgarian-Bracy to "grab" a client's reserve funds 6 minutes after In-House Counsel Reid sends the client an email notifying that they had been undercharged on work comp costs.  Tempworks was not able to present any evidence to justify the grabbing of the money, leaving only their testimony which as found not credible.  (See Lawsuits: Staffing Specifix)

11/22/15  Minnesota District Court, Jury Special Verdict Form 

  • CEO David Dourgarian - Defamation With Malice
  • CEO David Dourgarian ordered to pay $30,000.00 for Defamation 
  • Tempworks Management Services - Defamation With Malice
  • CEO David Dourgarian - Making false statements against (Client) business, trade or profession
  • COO Mari Kautzman - Making false statements against (Client) business, trade or profession
  • TMS CEO Doug Greene - Making false statements against (Client) business, trade or profession

​2/17/15  Minnesota District Court, Judge Kristin Siegesmund

  • ​Breach of Contract against Tempworks Management Services, Inc. 
  • ​Tempworks ordered to pay $74,300.00 in damages
  • CEO David Dourgarian not credible
  • President Casey Kraus not credible 
  • ​COO Mari Kautzman not credible

Tempworks has made several claims over the years to prospective clients about why this site exists. 

  • CLAIM:  The gentleman who built the site was a funding client who was too risky to work with so we walked away.
  • TRUTH: (from my judgment against Tempworks) "The court finds that Tempworks cancelled the contract not because of any risk to the company but because they believed it would be inconvenient and possibly more expensive to perform, and incorrectly believed that it could simply step away from a contract that it no longer liked.​"

  • CLAIM: All those lawsuits are from our funding division.  ​
  • TRUTH: Look at THE LAWSUITS page.  There are a total of 31 lawsuits listed.  The following is a breakdown of how many times each Tempworks division is listed as a litigant:

​​Tempworks Software is a litigant in 14 of those actions.

ARA, Inc. (funding) is a litigant in 12 of those actions.

TMS, Inc. is a litigant in 9 of those actions. 

This is a very troubling pattern of findings of dishonesty by various courts and juries against Tempworks.  When the CEO, President, COO, CFO and In-House Counsel are all willing to give testimony under oath that is not credible in order to try and mitigate responsibility, just think what they might be willing to do to your business!

Grabbing money from reserve accounts.  Transferring tax money from a client account into their own account (See: Lawsuits - JG Staffing).  Breaching contracts.  Making false statements against clients.  Attempting to take over a client's business with their own staffing agency (See: TMS Staffing). 

Do you have the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars it will take to get away from a contract - that you find out too late - is not advantageous to your business?  

Is this really a company to trust your business with? 

Are you willing to risk it to find out?

If you decide to partner with Tempworks Software, Lone Oak Payroll or any of the Tempworks brands, involve an attorney you trust and make sure you are advised and bargain for protective language before you sign anything!